Cute Baby Girl Poses

Cute Baby Girl Poses

In documenting your child’s first years of life, it can be difficult knowing which poses look cheesy and which will embody your baby’s individual personality and role in your growing family. After all, the whole point of taking pictures is to share them with your family and friends, and to look back at that time and remember what it was like when your child was that young. Some poses will do that better than others, and there is no use is wasting your time and resources with poses that won’t do your baby justice.


Sleeping is one of the most popular poses for babies, from newborns, all the way up to two-year-olds. And while “sleeping” itself is not a pose, it does lend itself to capture what it’s like to have a tiny baby. Sleeping babies, whether they are curled up, swaddled, or splayed out, are cute just because they are babies. Some of the most popular sleeping poses include being wrapped in a favorite blanket, settled on a sibling’s lap, or nestled into any number of nests or piles of blankets.


Posing with parents is a great way to show the progression of growth over time. Whether it is a side-by-side pose with each parent, or the new mother cradling her baby against her chest, these are sure to have great sentiment. One great pose for fathers and babies is to hold the sleeping baby in one hand, suspended in dark space. This shows how small the baby is, as well as the caring love that father has for his new daughter. A pose with both parents holding the daughter would also show the bond between not only the baby and the parents, but also in between the parents.

With Props

Taking pictures of your baby girl is a great opportunity to introduce a number of props. These props allow your baby to have something to play with as you take pictures of her, resulting in a number of candid pictures. Posed pictures often look rigid and stated, but if you let your baby play with her favorite toy, for instance, she will be so distracted and delighted by the toy that you will be able to record in pictures, her genuine reactions and facial expressions.

You can even tailor your props towards the time of year. A string of Christmas lights not only give your baby something to play with while you take pictures of her, they give the pictures a festive holiday flair. Pumpkins would go well for either fall or Halloween themed pictures.

Integrating a favorite story time book or piece of furniture will make your child feel more at home. Often, one of the reasons babies tend to cry when you dress them up and try to take pictures is because they feel they are in an unfamiliar environment. Giving them a beloved toy to hold, or something fun to play with can mitigate the chance that she will have a meltdown while you are trying to document a happy moment. As you implement your props, you can use them to prop up your baby, give her something to lay against, or just have something for her to interact with while you take pictures.


Newborns often present the most challenges when it comes to taking pictures. They are usually either asleep, or they are crying. Plus, they do not yet have the strength to sit up on their own, and the internet is littered with awkward pictures of newborns propped up against things. It is best to stay away from poses for newborns that look inauthentic. You do want to record this special time in the life of your child, but you do not want it to look like they are squished or uncomfortable. That is not going to make for cute pictures. Newborns are often photographed when they are asleep, curled up on their sides or stomachs. This is also a great time to have each parent hold and pose with the baby in his or her arms. Newborns in the arms of their parents are the dearest kind of baby pictures.

Newborns are easier than other children in many ways. They won’t squirm out of their clothes, and they’ll hold still pretty much anywhere you put them. You can pose your newborn girl with flowers, with bows in her hair, with stuffed animals, and unlike older children, she won’t take down her hair and disrupt the flowers.

If you take a picture of the mother’s baby bump just before the baby is born, taking a picture of the newborn lying on her mother’s stomach is a great picture for birth announcements.

Creative Scenes

Pictures of babyhood should represent all of the hopes and dreams the parents have for the baby’s life. Recently, many parents have turned to posing their babies with elaborate backdrops. These pictures, for the parent with a sense of humor, are usually take from above, looking flat down on the baby, and can be scenes from the baby’s upcoming life. Dressed in a tutu, they can be dancing in the ballet. With a matching cape and onesie, she becomes Super Girl. Posing your baby within these unique backdrops will provide great memories for you in the future, as well as great pictures for you to show your family and friends.


The key to picking the best pose for your baby girl is to pick something fun and natural. Whether you want your baby to be sleeping or smiling, keep your poses as genuine as possible.

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